Full Circle Care are a family run therapeutic care home company who have been providing care to young people for over 10 years. We have 5 homes and a school in Staffordshire and Cheshire and an Ofstead registered education unity, our focus is on the outcomes of the young people. We have a robust recruitment process that enables us to recruit, train and support a care team that are passionate about delivering the support the young people in our care need.

Based in Tameside, Greater Manchester, Ashlea House, our flagship home provides an holistic approach to the provision of care for young males aged over 11 years (but under 19). These young people require high supervision levels to ensure that they are safe and supported with their complex needs.

The service incorporates three constituents:

  1. Optimal level of care and social and emotional support from the Residential Unit
  2. Extensive academic support and opportunities from the Educational Facility
  3. Unique programme of intervention support from our Therapeutic partners

The Residential Home and Education Facility are situated in their own grounds within picturesque surroundings promoting a calm and serene atmosphere. Ashlea House buildings have been extended and extensively renovated to an exceptional condition reflecting the standards of service offered to each of our Young People.

On arrival at Ashlea House each Young Person is allocated their own spacious en-suite bedroom which is fully furnished to an excellent standard.