Our Staff

Full Circle Care is committed to the continuous development of its staff team.

The Responsible Individual and Proprietor of Full Circle Care is : Mr Andrew Parish. Andrew has overall responsibility for all aspects of the service including both the Residential Home and Education service. Andrew Parish can be contacted on: 01613360664/ Andrew@fullcirclecare.co.uk

The Registered Manager for Ashlea House Residential Home is: Mrs Christine Barry. Christine Barry can be contacted on: 0161 336 0664/ Christine@fullcirclecare.co.uk

The Head Teacher for Ashlea House School is: Miss Sarah Marie Parish. Sarah Marie Parish can be contacted on: 0161 336 0664/ sarahmarie@fullcirclecare.co.uk



All staff have access to a comprehensive training package to support them within their individual roles.

Personal / Professional Development

Whilst developing the staff team, time has been invested looking at the dynamic, individual skills that staff members can bring to the service. These skills are recognised and encouraged and individuals are given the opportunity to take the lead responsibility in line with the strengths and interests that they have shown.

Staff Meetings / Individual Support

All staff is supported by regular staff meetings with staff members being actively encouraged to partake in reflective practices as part of the meeting thus helping to shape the future provision of our services.

Individual supervision sessions are held on a monthly basis with a senior member of the staff team and there are clear lines of communication within all aspects of the service.

All members of the staff team are excellent role models for our young people and work as social pedagogues whilst promoting lifelong skills.Registered Managers Awardcityandguilds-logo-qualificationsNVQEdexcelLogo

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